Spring Valley Reformed Church is part of the Reformed Church in America (RCA).

We are a church that remembers and honors who we have been and celebrates

who we are becoming.

We are nestled in the Valley between Fulton and Morrison, Illinois.

Our sanctuary brings a warm, welcoming atmosphere to our worship of God


Loving God and Loving People

Sunday morning is a celebration of what we have noticed God doing between Sundays because between Sundays is where we are called to be the hands and feet of our Lord.

When you come, be prepared to be welcomed and loved into the body of Christ that is Spring Valley Reformed Church.



Loving God and Loving People

Sunday morning worship is a blend of old and new. As some would say, we like to scratch as many itches as we can in worship because how each of us connects with God is important to us...and to God. So we celebrate by honoring the old traditions of hymns and prayer and blend them with some new praise and worship songs. All done in a spirit of unity, working hard together to bring glory to God with our worship.

Loving God and Loving People

We are a church that believes in the two simple commandments that Jesus expressed that contain all the laws and prophets: 

Love God and Love our neighbor.


We are continually becoming a congregation that loves well and cares for those God has placed in our lives.

Pastor Joseph Paul Crum pictured


Joseph Paul Crum is the Senior Pastor of Spring Valley Reformed Church in Fulton, IL. Joe was born new in Christ through the gospel while serving as a Reconnaissance Team Leader in the US Army. Transitioning from the military was not easy, but clarifying the mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ helped Joe get focused. Now his mission is to make the most of everything God gives so that others will know Him more. His wife, Julie, and son, JJ, live in the parsonage at Spring Valley Reformed Church in the valley between Fulton and Morrison.